How to Use a Global University

Before moving to London to pursue a master’s in interior design at the University of Westminster, American national Alyssa Moseley frequented YouTube to learn about international student experiences abroad.

She says she was encouraged to make the move after watching videos of international students comparing the United Kingdom with the U.S. and their discussions of the differences in curriculum and the struggles of balancing schoolwork and leisure activities.

“It helped me prepare myself in adapting to a completely different culture and educational structure. But they also advised with some more casual topics, such as places to study, hang out and cheap eats,” Moseley says.

Prospective international students may initially use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the unofficial view of what it’s like studying at particular global universities. But potential applicants may also want to consider three other resources for detailed personal accounts.

Many universities and individual international students have YouTube channels showcasing the international student experience. The videos can help quell concerns a prospective international student might have.

“All of our videos allow students to either familiarize themselves with AUC and student life on campus, or learn more about our wide variety of programs,” wrote Farah Saafan, senior regional media relations officer at the American University in Cairo, in an email.

Saafan says examples include social media ambassadors discussing their AUC experience as well as videos highlighting the school’s diverse student body, such as those captured in recent International Day and Season’s Greeting videos.

The University of Toronto’s YouTube channel features videos of international students discussing life on campus, academic opportunities and why they chose the school. Steffen Reinhart, senior communications and student recruitment officer at the university, says the videos give prospective international students a sense of what it’s like to study at the school.

The National University of Singapore has international students coming from 100 countries, says a university spokesperson. The school’s YouTube channel features a video of international students from Malaysia, Mauritius, Indonesia, Germany, Macau and India discussing everything from campus community, faculty and academic programs to social life.

Two months before moving to London, Moseley says she started her own YouTube channel to document her experiences and “encourage anyone who is unsure of studying abroad to take that leap and just go for it

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